Tyler Ford

web developer


I'm Tyler, a dedicated Full Stack Developer with 9 years experience with HTML5, CSS3, and UI/UX design, and high-level proficiency in Javascript, Node.js, MySQL/MariaDb/Postgres, Redis, and MongoDb. I love React(esp Context & Hooks), and I'm very comfortable with Linux. I currently work with React.js, PHP, and Python, at the U of U CTSI/BMIC, where I also build external modules for REDCap, and manage several VMs running CentOS 7/8. My strengths lie in meeting deadlines, creativity, storytelling, and teamwork. I'm excited to approach programming and design challenges from different angles and collaborate with others to create web applications that solve problems and increase efficiency. Send me an email >




I have 9 years of experience with front-end design - from Wordpress to Javascript frameworks like React and Vue - handling a wide array of challenges; from movie tickets to fundraising.


My extensive experience with digital marketing to different audiences has allowed me to better understand how users interact with websites and apps.


A degree in Film Theory has helped me recognize what will grab a user's attention, and what will keep it. Watch my recent work here.

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